Spring 2009Newsletter, Spring 2009

Rhamnus Frangula: From the Wetland and Beyond
Invasive Plant Species Control and ManagementAutumn Olive (Elaeagnus umbellata)
Spring 2008
Newsletter, Spring 2008
Biological Control of Spotted Knapweed
2008 Symposium a Success
Prescribed Burning in Michigan
Control of Garlic Mustard
October 2007
Newsletter, Oct07
New! Guide Brings Attention to Control of Invasive Plant and Habitat Protection
Indiana's "Most Unwanted" Invasive Plant Pests
Volunteer Opportunities for State Park Stewardship
Invasive Plant Species Control and Management: Buckthorn
City of Chicago Passes Invasive Species Ordinance
June 2007
Newsletter, June 07
Invasive Plant Species Control and Management: Purple Loosestrife
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Awareness Week
Volunteer Opportunities for State Park Stewardship
A Noxious Weed is Here!
To List or De-List? Stakeholders Debate AIS Criteria

Winter 2005
Newsletter Winter 2005

Giant Hogweed found in Berrien County
New Invasive Species Laws


Spring 2005
Newsletter Spring 2005
Practices Used for Control of Common Reed in TNC's Erie Marsh Preserve, Michigan
Weeds to Watch
World's 100 Most Destructive Species Named
Fall 2004
Newsletter Fall 2004
Approach to Managing Invasive Plants at National Parks
Connecticut Invasives Act
Garlic Mustard - Michigan
Invasive Plant Research Lab in Florida
Summer 2004
Newsletter Summer 2004
Exotic Nuisance Species Funding in Virginia
Inula britannica
Invasive Plants - Ottawa National Forest
Midwest Invasive Plant Network
Spring 2004
Newsletter Spring 2004
Annual Symposium 2003
Midwest Invasive Plant Network
MSU Garlic Mustard Summary
Giant Hogweed Update
Invasive Plants in Natural and Managed Systems
Fall 2003
Newsletter Fall 2003
Giant Hogweed Alert
Flowering Rush
Summer 2003
Newsletter Summer 2003
MIPC Hands-on Exhibit at Rouge River Celebration
Experience with Crown Vetch at Fernwood
Grappling with the issues
Aquatic Nuisance Species Awareness Week - an educational success
European Frog-bit, new aquatic plant in Michigan
Fall 2002
Newsletter Fall 2002
St. Louis Declaration
MIPC 2002 Symposium News
Profile of Wild Garlic Mustard

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