Invasive Plant Links

Michigan Websites on Invasive Plants:
Garlic Mustard Page - MSU IPM website
MDA Prohibited & Restricted Weeds
MSU Center for Integrated Plant Systems-Biological Control Program
Michigan Cooperative Monitoring Program – volunteer water quality and aquatic invasive species monitoring.
Michigan Sea Grant -- Excellent information about aquatic invasive species of concern in the Great Lakes

Michigan Websites of Related Interest:

The Stewardship Network - grassroots cooperative organization working to protect, restore, and manage Michigan's natural lands and waters
Michigan Botanical Club  
Michigan Lake & Stream Associations
Michigan Native Plant Producers Association -- Providing nursery grown Michigan native plant species and promoting awareness of their appropriate uses.
Michigan Natural Areas Council
Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) - MSU Extension
Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association
The Nature Conservancy - Michigan Chapter
U.P. Wildflowers - a partial list arranged by blooming season
Wildflower Association of Michigan

Information by States & Regions

California - Invasive Plant Council
Eastern USA - Invasive Plant ID & Control (~100 species)
Florida - Exotic Pest Plant Council
Georgia - Exotic Pest Plant Council
Indiana -- Invasive Species website, check out the IPSAWG links for their invasive assessments of plants.
Minnesota - Exotic Aquatic Species from Sea Grant
Ohio - Invasive Plant Fact Sheets (19 species & growing)
Iowa – Volunteer  survey effort to track woodland invaders
Kentucky - Exotic Pest Plant Council
Midwest – Info on the newly formed  Midwest Invasive Plant Network
New England - Invasive Plant Atlas
Southeast - Exotic Pest Plant Council (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN)
Tennessee - Exotic Pest Plant Council
Wisconsin - Invasive Plants Association
Wisconsin - UW Green Bay Herbarium
Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin ( Madison ) – State Herbarium
Wisconsin – UW Stevens Point Herbarium
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources invasive species website
Western North America - Center for Invasive Plant Management

National and International Organizations

APHIS Noxious Weed Program
Ecological Society of America
Federal Noxious Weed Control and Eradication Act - signed into law 11/02/2004
INVADERS database system – Noxious weed listings for all states and southern Canada
IUCN Guidelines - Prevention of Biodiversity Loss Caused by Alien Invasive Species  
NAPIS National Agricultural Pest Information System - quarantines, bio-control, pest profiles
National Invasive Species Council
Invasive Plant Fact Sheets
North American Weed Management Association
Photos (growing collection) - Florida Center for Aquatic & Invasive Plants (MN & VT images)
Plants Database  - USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 
St. Louis Invasive Plants Species Workshop - Hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden
The Nature Conservancy – International  
The Nature Conservancy - Weed Control Handbook  
Weed-feeders - Bio-control Agents from Cornell University
Weed Science Society of America  

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